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Book indexing service

If your electronic files have not been marked up for indexing we can help create an index in several ways.

1. We tag the electronic files

Cost: 0.30 cents per page reference

We require a clean copy of the manuscript marked up by the author, that is, each index entry should be highlighted with a highlighter or some other clear indication. Note by "each index entry" this means that if there are 13 page references for the index entry "Euclid", then all 13 places place in the manuscript that the author wishes to index under "EUCLID" must be marked. Merely marking the first entry is not sufficient. Note that these 13 highlightings count as 13 page references.

2. We use an "auto-indexer" to generate an index using a list of author-supplied keywords

Cost: 0.30 cents per keyword

We require an electronic text file in ASCII format containing the phrases to be indexed, one phrase per line.

While this is much cheaper than option 1 (the price based only on the number of keywords) it is not recommended since an automated system merely makes a page reference for every occurence of the keyword without regard to context or meaning. This method is better suited to name indices.

3. The author supplies a file with the index entries AND page references.

Cost: FREE

If you choose this method, then the author must wait until we have finished all page layout and there are no more changes. If the author has finished the index file and there are any page break changes, then the author must COMPLETELY re-do the index. This can make for grumpy authors, so unless there is not other choice we do not recommend this choice. Furthermore, for future editions using this method means that the index will have to be redone all over again, whereas tagging the files as in method 1 removes the need to redo the index.

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