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Here are a few of the books we have composed:
  • Discrete Mathematics with Combinatorics by J. A. Anderson
  • Differential Equations with Graphical and Numerical Methods by D. Banks
  • A Contextual History of Mathematics by R. Calinger
  • Differential Equations and Linear Algebra by M. D. Greenberg
  • Statisticians of the Centuries by Heyde/Seneta
  • Difference Equations by Kelley/Peterson
  • Study Guide (solutions manual for Calculus and its Applications, 9th edition) by Lay/Schneider
  • Numerical Analysis using MATLAB, 3/e by Mathews and Fink
  • Topology, 2/e by J. Munkres
  • Partial Differential Equations by A. D. Snider
Here are some example pages in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format:
4 pages (87K) 2 pages (59K) 4 pages (132K) 4 pages (100K) 4 pages (93K)
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